Margarita Vokhomskaya, Promgeoplast:

We really liked to participate in the exhibition. We have a very beautiful stand, we are satisfied with the construction. The stand attracts great attention of visitors. Our unequivocal decision is to participate in the exhibition next year, because the number of visitors and potential customers is high, we will work on the received base for a long time. We bring home a lot of work.


At present, our company is the official representative of SANY HEAVY MACHINE, the industrial company. We are participating in the KAZCOMAK exhibition for the first time, we really like it, our recognizability is growing, many participants, visitors and potential customers come to our stand. At this exhibition, we present not only equipment, but also our service and spare parts. Thanks to this, several contracts were signed within 3 days and a successful sale took place. The exhibition has a great impact on the presentation of our company in terms of marketing and getting to know our competitors. We plan to participate in the exhibition next year.

Adiyat Sheri, Sevalo Engineering Machinery Kazakhstan:

Our company is engaged in the sale of special equipment in Kazakhstan, we are the official distributors of Chinese equipment in Russia. Accordingly, now we want to increase the same turnover in Kazakhstan. This is not the first time we participate in an exhibition of this direction, but for the first time on such a scale. Impressions of the exhibition are wonderful, they sold this dump truck, an excavator in the background and a loader. There are results. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for making it possible to meet an English-speaking audience, customers from Russia. This is very useful for us, we plan to expand and gain momentum. We hope to see you next year.

Eldar Isabayev, AS-AY:

Our company has been on the market of Kazakhstan for 20 years, we are engaged in the supply of special equipment, in particular from China. This is equipment such as mining equipment, road and construction equipment, compressors. We participate in the Kazcomak exhibition for the 5th time. Expectations were justified, this year there were many visitors, contracts were signed. The exhibition helps the development of the company, the improvement of relations between partners. We plan to participate next year.

Dmitry Kritinin, FLSmidth:

The company sells global capital projects and technology islands. This year the exhibition differs colossally, very cheerfully. The first day was fruitful, a lot of customers, a lot of interesting questions, interesting people. The potential is good. We have been participating in the exhibition since its establishment, we first visited it in 2009, and since then we have been participating every year. For our company, this is status. Next year we plan to participate in an expanded membership, as Thyssenkrupp has joined FLSmidth. Now we are one big company.


Anton Romanov, Metso Outotec:

This is the first time we are performing as a united Metso Outotec. The peculiarity of the industry is that people mainly work in the mines, and such an exhibition is a good opportunity to come and get acquainted with the offers of various companies, including ours. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for us to contact our audience, and for them to find out that 2 companies have merged, to find the right offers. Because some of them are familiar with Metso Minerals offerings, while others are more familiar with Outotec offerings. All the main companies that work in this industry, one way or another, visit this exhibition, it is very significant, and not only within Kazakhstan, but also in neighboring countries: in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to take part in exhibitions of this kind.

Kim Byung Kon, ACE & E Co., Ltd:

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of adhesives, which are necessary in the production of conveyor belts. I think that our products are a very important part of today’s exhibition, so I decided to participate. I participate in this exhibition for the first time, I met a lot of companies that are engaged in the production of a wide variety of products. I think that in the future we can develop cooperation and partnerships. Thanks for organizing!

Rail Fatkullin, Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG:

We liked the Mining and Metals Central Asia exhibition very much, we like the place of our development, many visitors come, they are interested in our company. Many useful contacts were collected. Next year we will definitely take part, because there is a very large number and scale of visitors, new acquaintances, contacts. When we return, we will work everything out. Everyone is very happy, thank you!



Trubina Anastasiya, Head of marketing office, Kurgan machine-building plant JSC

This is the second time we have taken part in this exhibition. When I found out that the organizer of this event was Iteca, I had no doubts about the highest level of organisation. We cooperate with the company Iteca in other areas as well and we have also taken part in exhibitions in Moscow many times, and everything was at a high level there as well. I can say that we already have experience in exhibitions. The exhibition was attended by the full target audience, there were many representatives of Kazakhstani companies, as well as companies from the CIS countries. Our company usually works in the B2B segment, which means long-term partners and consequently long-term contracts. We are already planning our participation in the exhibition next year. We have made some conclusions and we will certainly take them into account when planning our work at the booth in 2022. Expectations from participation have exceeded themselves – entry was restricted with the need to undergo PCR tests, but that did not stop all those interested in the industry to visit the event. I am sure that this is a significant event for the industry and such exhibitions are a must-attend for all professionals to stay in the trend of the industry and communicate with potential customers.

Serikbayev Alen, Sales representative, CVL/IND KULAN OIL

This is not the first exhibition to participate for our company. From the positive aspects, I would note the very large and beautiful stands, as well as the opportunity to visit the business program of the exhibition for all comers. We can say that all the exhibitors were well prepared. Our company is here to present all our new products and potential, make some advertising and establish friendly relations with our partners. All visitors to Mining & Metals and Kazcomak exhibitions are our target audience, because our products are used in one way or another in all types of production. We will definitely participate in the next exhibition in 2022. We hope that next year the scale of the exhibition and with it the number of visitors will only grow.

Gurovskiy Vladimir, Sales engineer, Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology

This year the exhibition is more lively, apparently 2020 quarantine and absence of the exhibition affected people’s consciousness, everyone missed the meetings, communication, personal transfer of information. The whole Mining & Metals exhibition is very warm and lively. I can't even say about downsides. Solid pros, because the emotions we got here over two days from communicating with our customers and partners create a positive mood and only a positive attitude. Our company has been participating in Mining & Metals for quite a long time and I can say that there are no long-term intentions here, it is not a fair, it is an exhibition. Here we get feedback from customers, arrange meetings and negotiations to discuss business points in more details. After exhibitions we find the feedback and see the result. Our company will definitely be represented at this exhibition next year. Among the visitors were people from various related industries, our company provides a wide range of equipment for the mining industry and about 40 percent of the total number of visitors are our target audience.

Christian Besse, Area Sales Manager, LATTY GROUPE

This exhibition is not the first for our company, we are participating for the third time. It was a surprise to me that the organizers have not lost their grip and this year the organization also remained at a high level. Most importantly, we have had significant meetings for the development of our company thanks to this exhibition. Two years ago, we came to Kazakhstan to find distributors. We found them successfully and now they have invited us back to expand their customer base. The focus for us was an audience that also works in the mining industry. We plan to come to Mining & Metals CA again next year to close successful deals.

Bannikov Ilya, Deputy Director of entrepreneurship support and foreign economic activity, The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern

Our expectations from the participation in the exhibition were justified one hundred percent; moreover, all three of our regional companies from the Irkutsk region, who are present today at our collective stand from the region, are satisfied and interested in participating next year. The audience of the visitors that took part in these three days of the trade fair are the core customers. Moreover, the customers were not only from the Republic of Kazakhstan, which we actually expected, but also customers from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. Such diversity of customers allows us to effectively form a potential partner base to conclude contracts in the future. At the moment three regional Irkutsk companies are working with customers from Kazakhstan, during these three days of the exhibition we are working on joint work and setting goals. The Irkutsk region has decided to participate in Mining & Metals exhibition because very serious companies not only from Kazakhstan but also from the neighboring countries are presented at this exhibition. The efficiency of our participation will be clear later, but already now we have high hopes that the quality of orders that we will form will meet our requirements and demands.

Kan Dmitriy, Sales Director, Alpha-Safety LLP

Our expectations from participation in the exhibition were more than justified. This is the fifth time we are taking part. Frankly speaking, we perceive the exhibition as an effective image project, we never expect any contracts, but we understand the importance of our company's presence at this platform. Many customers come here and they all want to see industry novelties and discuss current issues and projects. Something unbelievable has happened this year. I think that this hunger for communication and real meetings, which has developed because of the pandemic, has had its effect. The customers are very active, there are big delegations, and everything is organized at an excellent level. Despite the slight reduction of the scale of the exhibition, the quality of “leads” i.e. customers is very high. Not only engineers but top-managers are present at the show, everybody is interested in everything, they all ask questions. I would like to point out one unique feature of this exhibition, in general, we participate each year in different exhibitions, our main exhibition was in Novokuznetsk, we participated in the Moscow exhibition on mining, and here in Kazakhstan. There is one thing that all exhibitions have in common: the first day is always a preparation period, i.e. people are just warming up. Usually the second day is the liveliest, but yesterday an incredible thing happened – from the first day there was a huge number of people who wanted to talk and discuss something. It's amazing!

Izvekova Natalya, Head of marketing office, KAZPROM AVTOMATIKA LLP

Our expectations from the exhibition were fully met, we are very happy with the result. We took a lot of orders from clients, concluded contracts. We gathered our target audience ourselves, invited exactly the people we needed. New clients were also there. It's time to go out of online mode, because there's not enough of this live communication, this year has brought transformation for meetings, you begin to communicate more mobile, but still want the tactile sensation, want to talk, want to be present at this exhibition. It was important for us to exhibit at Mining & Metals, because our company deals with industrial automation in the mining and metallurgical industry and all of our direct customers were here. That's why we came here.